Saturday, August 31, 2013

Child abusers, carbon polluters and the Conservative Party of Canada

Over the years I've dropped hint after unsubtle hint to the Conservative Party of Canada – which during its seven-year (and counting) reign in Parliament has gutted my country's record of political progressivism – that I don't like them. 

— that their candidates cannot “count on my support”;

— that they are practically the polar opposite of all my political values.

Yet, somehow I've wound up on the email list for their core supporters – the one where they propagandize their base and show the side of their face they usually try to cover with heavy makeup when communicating to the general Canadian public.

It's kind of breathtaking to be candidly chatted up by the party in power like you're a flag-waving supporter of Stephen Harper (the party's leader and Canada's Prime Minister), a hater both of liberals and the Liberal Party – and the kind of person who would cheer the Conservative government's latest initiative to crack down harder than ever on child abusers while it continues to indirectly cheer on the massive child abuse perpetrated by carbon polluters.

So here is the latest of these emails which – this time – has prompted me to blow my cover with a most unsubtly derisive reply:

Our government is cracking down with tougher penalties on predators who sexually abuse and exploit children – but Justin Trudeau’s Liberals are threatening to stand in our way.

These are heinous crimes and they must be dealt with. We must deal with them to protect our children.

That’s why we’ll be increasing penalties for criminals who commit sexual acts against children.

Unsurprisingly, Justin Trudeau and his Liberals have already said they oppose tougher mandatory prison sentences for child predators.

Trudeau’s lead soft-on-crime spokesman MP Sean Casey says the Liberals oppose tougher mandatory prison sentences for sexual predators who prey on children because he’s worried about overcrowding in our jails.

We have a very different view – criminals who prey on our children should be locked up in prison, not free to roam around our communities.

That’s why we’re going to pass the most comprehensive legislation to fight child sexual predators that Canada has ever seen – with or without Justin Trudeau.

Learn more about how we’re cracking down on child predators – and let us know if you’re on our side:

Fred DeLorey
Director, Political Operations
Conservative Party of Canada

Hi Fred, 
It's nice to know you plan to crack down on predators who sexually abuse and exploit children. I bet Justin Trudeau and the other bleeding heart Liberals like child predators. The NDP, the PQ and the Greens probably sleep with them, if they aren't child predators themselves.

But there's another kind of child predator your government seems intent on protecting - yes, Fred, protecting: greenhouse gas emissions, the cause of global warming in our overpopulated, highly industrialized world and of the deadly and damaging effects this unprecedentedly sudden warming is having on our climate and weather.

Over the years, the Harper Government has led the world in obstructing progress at home and internationally in cracking down hard on these chemicals and those who spew them irresponsibly into the atmosphere. Already this is causing death, disease, injury and damage to the homes and communities of millions of children around the world devastated by extreme weather events linked to climate change. According to the world's scientific community, the children of today will be victimized even more - much more - if they grow up in a world where governments like yours continue to coddle carbon polluters.

So, all things considered, I regard your government as a much greater threat to the welfare of children than all the pedophiles in Canada. It's time you also started cracking down on the most dangerous child abusers.

Syd Baumel 

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