Saturday, August 31, 2013

Child abusers, carbon polluters and the Conservative Party of Canada

Over the years I've dropped hint after unsubtle hint to the Conservative Party of Canada – which during its seven-year (and counting) reign in Parliament has gutted my country's record of political progressivism – that I don't like them. 

— that their candidates cannot “count on my support”;

— that they are practically the polar opposite of all my political values.

Yet, somehow I've wound up on the email list for their core supporters – the one where they propagandize their base and show the side of their face they usually try to cover with heavy makeup when communicating to the general Canadian public.

It's kind of breathtaking to be candidly chatted up by the party in power like you're a flag-waving supporter of Stephen Harper (the party's leader and Canada's Prime Minister), a hater both of liberals and the Liberal Party – and the kind of person who would cheer the Conservative government's latest initiative to crack down harder than ever on child abusers while it continues to indirectly cheer on the massive child abuse perpetrated by carbon polluters.

So here is the latest of these emails which – this time – has prompted me to blow my cover with a most unsubtly derisive reply:

Thursday, August 1, 2013

CFACT's new meme: "UN bureaucrat admits global warming is really about wealth redistribution"

CFACT – the right-wing libertarian disinformation tank – has a new meme, another billboard and Internet graphic calculated to pull the wool over people's eyes while claiming to enlighten them.

Here's how it looks:

It's having the desired effect. Just look at the “I told you so” vitriol it's unleashed on CFACT's Facebook page where the oil-funded outfit describes it like this:
In a moment of unusual candor, a UN bureaucrat admitted that global warming is really about wealth redistribution.
CFACT shared his statement on our new billboard, right outside the Rockies' 50,000+ seat ball park in Denver, Colorado.
Share this post and expose the co-chair of UN IPCC working group III's true thoughts about global warming.
So what's the real story?