Friday, January 17, 2014

Tiger not-so-direct: Adventures in comical customer service

It began with a message from me to, submitted via their website. I had been checking out the Lenovo Yoga 10.1 tablet – including on 

For days afterward, ads from for the Lenovo tablet (among others) followed me around the web. These two-frame GIFs flickered between the implied regular price with a slash through it and the implied sale price. 

But the regular price the ads gave for the tablet was inflated by 20% above Lenovo's list price. And the implied sale price was ... the list price. 

Even Lenovo was discounting it below list at the time (the 2013 Christmas holiday season). 

I wanted Tiger Direct to know. 

Instead I would become an unwitting straight man in a comedy routine that would involve some 11 emails. 

(NOTE: I've removed redundant text from the email transcript below in order to minimize discomfort and maximize amusement.)